Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds 5.0 TWS Earphone Noise Cancelling Mic headphones

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A6S/E6S Product specifications:

Product number:E6S Bluetooth version:Bluetooth V5.0 .Battery specification: Headset 3.7V/45m Ah: Charging box 7V/280mAh Support mode: HFP/HSP/ A2DP/AVRCP Sensitivity: 105dB+ 3dB S P L at 1KHz Transmission distance: 10 meters(in an ideal environment without any major obstacles) Play time: About 2.5 hours Call time: About 3 hours Standby time: About 80 hours Charging time: Charge the charging compartment for about 1.5 hours and charge the headset for about 1 hour Charging box to charge the headset: About 2.5 times

Functional operation instructions:

1、Boot Take the headset out of the charging compartment and automatically turn it on or press and hold the left and right headset multifunction button for 3 seconds 2、 Shut down Put the headset into the charging compartment and turn it off automatically,Press and hold the left and right headset multifunction button for 5 seconds to shut down. 3、 Boot back When the pairing is successful. the Bluetooth headset preferentially enters the connected state when the second time is turned on, and automatically connects back to the connected mobile phone. 4、 Play / Pause In the standby mode, click the left and right earphones multi-function.keys to play music directly. When playing, click the left and right earphones multi-function keysto pause playback. 5. Switch songs: Press and hold the left earphone multi-function button for 2 seconds to switch to the previous song. Press and hold the right headset multifunction button for 2 seconds to switch to the next song. 6. Volume addition and subtraction Double-click the left earphone multi-function key to increase the volume step by step, double-click the right earphone multi-function key to gradually decrease the volume 7、 Call answering When the mobile phone calls, click the left and right earphones multi-function button to answer the call 8、 Call hang up When the phone is talking, click the left and right earphones multi-function button to hang up the phone 9、 Call rejection When the mobile phone calls, long press the left and right headphones multi-function button for 2 seconds to reject the call 10、 Redial While on standby or playing music, you can dial the last call you made in your call history by tapping the left headset multifunction button 11. Start voice assistant Three-click the right headset multi-function button to start Apple Siri or Google Voice Assistant for voice control mobile phone operation 12、 Low battery prompt When the battery of the Bluetooth headset is low, the low battery tone will beplayed every 30 seconds until the headset is powered off.

Package list:

Bluetooth earphone Endurance charging box Micro 5pin charging cable User's manual Earplug silicone cap

Pairing method:

1.Take out from the charging bin or press and hold the left and right earphones multi-function button for 3 seconds to turn on until the red and blue lights flash alternately, enter the ear search pairing state enter the ear pair automatic matching, and match the main ear (right ear) The red and blue lights are alternately flashing, the secondary ear is flashing slowly, and the paired ear is successfully played. 2.Start the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone or other devices If it is an Android mobile phone or device, please click the"Search for Bluetooth device" option. If it is the lOS system mobile phone or device, it will automatically search for the device; when searching for the model of the Bluetooth headset After that, click to enter the pairing when the pairing is successful, the main (right) earphone will make a prompt to connect successfully, and the left and right earphones will turn blue and flash slowly, and enter the connection standby state After the pairing is successful, the main ear is the right channel. The secondary ear is the left channel. 3.The two earphones can also be paired with the mobile phone separately. The operation method can be operated according to the above step 2 operation method.that is on for the next power range will flash. When all the lights are fully charged, all the indicators will be on. 4. Charging the headset:Put the headset into the charging compartment to automatically charge. When charging, the headset indicator is red When the battery is fully charged, it will be off; the charging compartment white Indicator will be on. When the charging compartment is fully charged, the four battery indicator lights are all on. When the charging capacity drops to the corresponding power, the corresponding indicator light goes out. When the earphone is fully charged, the white light of the charging compartment is completely extinguished.


1. Please charge in a safe environment. When charging the charging compartment, please charge the charging compartment separately from the USB charging cable as soon as the charging indicator indicates full power, so as to avoid damage to the charging compartment after a long time of charging 2. When playing music, please adjust the music to the appropriate volume to avoid hearing damage at high volume for a long time. 3. Try to avoid using the headset in a place with interference sources otherwise it may affect the headphone signal 4. Try to avoid using this headset in a corrosive environment to avoid affecting the function of the headset




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